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About our Fear of Enclosed Spaces Online Program

Are you afraid of enclosed spaces? Does being in confined spaces like lifts, tunnels, toilet cubicles and cars cause you severe anxiety and distress? Are you sick of living with this fear but can’t find the time or the money to see a therapist?

The My Claustrophobia program was designed with people like you in mind, using the latest psychological techniques to help you through every step in eliminating Claustrophobia from your life – permanently. Using straightforward, easy-to-apply tips and strategies, we will show you how to spot the causes of your Claustrophobia and confront your fears in bite-sized chunks using our brand new “Find a Five” style of treatment.

For many people, seeing a world-class therapist isn’t an option. But with this innovative self-paced guide, developed by a team of leading clinical psychologists and researchers, you can have access to the same research, information and guidance for a fraction of the cost.

Why let fear of enclosed spaces take over your life? Take back control and start your journey today!

Over 22 hours of materials included

Price: USD $250 USD $149

Our Online Program

This program contains 159 pages and 7 audio exercises designed to give you all the resources, knowledge and practical steps you need to overcome your fear of enclosed spaces. Building on years of advanced psychological research, this in-depth guide is the ultimate resource for curing your phobia, covering everything from detailed models of emotions and behaviour to tips for changing the way you think and carrying out your own behavioural experiments. With this guide you have everything you need to eliminate claustrophobia from your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people find being in tight or enclosed spaces uncomfortable. Whilst this is perfectly normal, for some people this fear causes them significant distress and limits the kinds of places and activities they can take part in every day. If this is you, then the reason may be that you suffer from claustrophobia.

Anyone who wants to be rid of their fear of enclosed spaces can use this guide. You don’t have to be an expert in psychology as every concept and exercise is explained in simple, down to earth language and we will guide you through every step of the process.

Despite the extreme fear and inconvenience it can cause, treating Claustrophobia is fairly straightforward. The main technique used is called exposure, which involved gradually exposing yourself to your feared situations to teach your mind there is nothing to fear. The all-new “Find a Five” process used in our guide means you never have to face your worst fears – real results can be seen just from systematically exposing yourself to a moderate or “five out of ten” level of fear.

Our guide will cover a range of other material that will help you in your journey, from helping you spot the unrealistic thoughts that are contributing to your phobia, to helping you see yourself with more compassion. The benefits of this extra material will help you in ways that go far beyond treating your Claustrophobia and will set you up for success once your journey is complete.

Exposure is widely used to treat phobias of all kinds and is highly successful in almost all cases. The principles of exposure are simple enough that they can be carried out successfully on a self-directed basis without the need to see a therapist.

As long as you stick to the guide closely and keep practicing your exposure and other exercises, you should see a real reduction in your symptoms before long.

Qualified therapists and clinical psychologists are definitely a good option for people suffering from phobias and anxiety disorders of all kinds. However, not everyone has access to this kind of specialist help, whether due to financial or time constraints or simply not having a clinic in their area. For such people, or for people who prefer to work through treatment at their own pace in the comfort of their own home, this guide is the perfect solution.

Our guide gives you the same information and strategies for treating Claustrophobia that you would get from face to face therapy. The team who created this guide all have years of experience in treating people just like you so you can be sure the guidance you are getting is top of the line and supported by all the latest research.

Components of our online program

  • 1

    INTRODUCTION – What is Claustrophobia?

    Learn the causes and characteristics of claustrophobia and how this guide will help you overcome them.

  • 2

    Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviour: The fear of Enclosed Spaces Model

    Using an innovative psychological model, we will learn how thoughts, emotions and behaviour interact to form and maintain your phobia.

  • 3

    Facing Your Fear: the Find a Five System

    In this module, we will look at how the Find a Five system works by exposing you to manageable levels of fear without ever making you face more than you can handle.

  • 4

    Getting Started With Exposure

    This module covers all the practical considerations you need to think about before starting your exposure exercises and gives you an idea of how the process works with some real-life examples.

  • 5

    Visualization & Imagery

    This module gives you some great exercises based on mindfulness and imagery to help you stay relaxed and let go of fearful thoughts more easily.

  • 6

    Changing Your Thinking

    Learn how to identify and change the exaggerated or unhelpful thoughts which are forming your fear of enclosed spaces.

  • 7

    Final Thoughts: Ensuring Long-Term Change

    Now that you have all the tools to fight your fear, learn how to continue your journey and what to do if you find your anxiety coming back.

  • 8

    The Power of Compassion in Reducing Fear

    In this bonus module, learn how to change the way you think about yourself and replace self-criticism with self-compassion in order to learn and grow in a way that does not harm your sense of safety.


This guide has been researched, tested and written by a team of expert psychologists and researchers led by renowned clinical psychologist, Angus Munro. As the director of his own leading treatment clinic in Sydney, Australia, Angus has years of experience treating phobias and delivering cutting-edge treatment strategies to help people face and overcome their fears. He and his expert team have a passion for giving people access to top-quality treatment and helping people live the best life possible.

Angus Munro’s Qualifications

  • Master of Clinical Psychology Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – First Class Honours University of Southern Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Business Administration University of Southern Queensland
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) University of New South Wales

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